Our Scholarship Program allows identified college-bound student-athletes to receive skill-specific training and life skills education at no cost to the athlete and is awarded based on high school coach or athletic director referrals per the 3 Pillars for Change shown below. Each participating school is asked to make no less than 3 referrals per year. (7-12th grade)

Pillars for Change

Underrepresented Communities

Promote diversity, inclusion, and equity by putting forward any athlete from an underrepresented group for a scholarship in the “Mathis 98 Hour Challenge”, which includes 98 immersive hours of education, training, and skills development annually.

Athletes Lending A Helping Hand

Nominate any athlete, (must be a minimum of 16 years of age), willing to dedicate time as a volunteer with the Gridiron Gang. Volunteering time is a great way to earn “hour for hour” training without charge to the athlete.

Military and Public Service Families

Stand up for, support, and nominate any athlete whose parents or guardians work in the public sector. All military, police, firefighters, and public sector employees qualify for their athletes’ complementary training.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am an Athletic Director or Coach speaking on behalf of athlete(s) that their nomination falls within one or more of The Original Gridiron Gang Foundation’s Scholarship “Pillars for Change” program.

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Our Scholarship Program is a reflection of our core values. It is the primary focus of our business and we appreciate the community of sponsors, athletes, coaches, and athletic directors that participate in the Scholarship Referral Program.

-Robert Mathis